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About Petrichor K9

       The Petrichor K9 training team provides the most exceptional modern day dog training there is to offer in the New England area for both pet dogs and working detection dogs.  We have been in the K9 training world since 2015 and taking leaps and bounds to improve the industry.  Petrichor K9 is based out of Newport, Rhode Island but we offer our training services to clients residing in Rhode Island and the rest of southern New England. 
       In 2006 our founder and master trainer, Jessica Geas joined the United States Air Force as a security forces member.  In her law enforcement and security duties she worked side by side military working dogs and their handlers.  It was early on in her military career she saw the true potential in these K9 partners and knew that it would be the perfect long term career choice for her to pursue. Jessica’s interest in K9 teams started in the military but her education in the career field began in North Carolina at Highland Canine Training; School for dog trainers.  There she spent six months in the hands of an exceptional training staff where she was given the tools, knowledge and confidence to build Petrichor K9 Training and Detection.
       Petrichor K9's mission is to pair our elite working dogs with the most dedicated and educated handlers so the K9 industry benefits from that quality working K9 team.  We also strive to help create the best home environment for both pets and their owners by providing choice obedience training as well as expert knowledge in being the best human partner for your dog.