Antler Shed Hunting: 

Deer antler, shed hunting has become a growing and popular hobby.  Antlers are being sold for dog chews as well as home décor making shed hunting a potential money maker.  While out in the woods an antler can easily blend in with nature and go unnoticed, but with the trustworthy nose of a detection dog, your harvest will be secured.

Truffle Detection:  

These rare and in demand fungi grow underground in mountainous terrain and can provide an extra income.  Chefs and foodies around the world hold a high value in truffles which they use to flavor and infuse dishes.  Dogs are not only the most effective way to locate truffles but also more environmentally friendly compared to other methods.  Whether you and your K9 are looking for a hobby or an income, Petrichor K9 will provide optimal training.

Cadaver K9:  

A well trained cadaver K9 has a 95% accuracy rate in locating human remains.  The K9 cadaver teams are associated with search and rescue organizations across the globe.  While the job of a cadaver K9 handler is not very inviting to most, it does offer some satisfaction in bringing closure and peace to families of victims who are still seeking answers.  Petrichor K9 takes pride in training the most reliable and capable dogs to send out on missions for locating human remains.


​​​      Professional Dog Training

Detection Services

K9 Detection: 

Petrichor K9 offers programs to train dogs to become part of a working K9 team.  Prior to the start of specified training programs, all teams will be evaluated for trainability and a high work drive to ensure the best results.  If you are interested in giving your K9 companion a job or need a detection dog for your current business, read about our offered detection programs and contact us for further details.  *Don't have a four legged partner yet?  Let us assist you in finding the perfect working dog to fit your detection team needs.*

Bedbug Detection:  

Bedbugs can go completely unnoticed by the human eye and almost undetectable without the trusty nose of a well-trained K9.  These dogs are trained to search, locate and indicate on the odor of live bed bugs.  From hotels, cruise ships and dormitories to residential homes, these locations are all subject to becoming feeding and breeding grounds for bedbugs.  A human search cannot guarantee an infestation being ruled out, however according to a study done by the University of Florida, a well-trained detection K9 has a 98% success rate.  Using a Petrichor K9 trained dog is the most effective and reliable method for bedbug detection in any location.  Our team offers a top notch training program to produce reliable and effective detection teams to support cleaner and healthier homes and vacation destinations.

Termite Detection: 

Termite Dogs don’t need to see termites; they can detect them through their keen ability to pick up on the odor given off by these destructive pests.  A thoroughly trained K9 can detect underlying termite issues within walls and what appear to be sound structures.  Dogs with high energy and playful drives can be made into an elite working partner for your termite detection services.

Mold Detection:  

These detection dogs are specifically trained to search, locate and indicate on at least eighteen different kinds of the most common toxic molds. If a dog gives a positive indication while working, there is sure to be a mold issue in that area.  With such sound training through Petrichor K9, your mold detection team will be assisting diagnosis specialists in early diagnosis of mold.